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What is an electric cigarette and How does it work?

Among the frequently asked questions that are asked about this robust way of modern smoking, the first one is usually what is an electric cigarette and how does it work. Well, to some extent, an electric cigarette is just that, a cigarette that is powered not by fire but rather by another source of energy whic is a battery. The electric cigarette is a solution if you want to reduce your intake of the doses of nicotine that you are used to every day. This is of course made possible by the fact that you can buy cartridges of different strengths of nicotine solution and this range from ultra light, light and full. Heres a short vidoe which explains how electric cigarette works:

The ultra light cartridge is for people who really want to be rid of the craving for nicotine and it contains almost no nicotine or at least the flavor is negligible. The light nicotine cartridge is for people who want to take moderate does of nicotine while the full nicotine cartridge is for people who want their full dose of nicotine every day just as they used to get from their traditional cigarette. So you see; there is rally no point as to why you should look elsewhere or continue smoking the traditional way and your way to an imminent death, early in your life.

What is an electric cigarette and does it really have any health benefits? Someone might ask. Well the truth is that an electric cigarette does not only have health benefits, but it is an epitome of good health. For starters, you will not be taking in the 4000+ carcinogens, tar and other harmful additives with every puff like you would in a traditional smoke. You will be as healthy as the guy who does not smoke and yet everyday, you will be getting your healthy dose of nicotine. If you are wondering what is an electric cigarette; it means that you must be tired of the threats that come with the traditional way of smoking. The good thing is that with the electric cigarette, you do not have to worry even about the secondary smokers but you can smoke right in their midst for after all, there is really no smoke that is produced for what you see is vapor that closely simulates real smoke. Once released into the atmosphere, this vapor quickly turns into water.

howelectriccigaretteworksBy seeking to know what is an electric cigarette and knowing electric cigarette benefits, you will also be doing the environment one good turn in that you will not be a contributor to the modern threat of carbon monoxide in the air. From helping you save cash to saving the environment, do you really have to continue wondering what an electric cigarette is?

Since this product is not new to the market, it suffices to say that the question of what is an electric cigarette has been anticipated and answered for you beforehand. Anything that you need to know about this radical and rave way of smoking is covered online. You will also be able to view and read about various brands of the e-cig in the market. If you are a smoker you will at last be in peace once you get the answer to what is an electric cigarette. If you are a non smoker, this is not your green light to start smoking and if you are underage, well, it is virtually criminal to smoke. What is an electric cigarette? Are you still in doubt about this product?