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It is widely acknowledged that cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit which might lead to respiratory ailments or even cancer. Considering these dangers and other associated social problems, most smokers will want to quit at some point in their lives. However, nicotine is a strongly addictive substance and few of them will make it out of will. Below is information on how e-cigarettes help you turn your back on nicotine and smoking completely.

quittingsmokingTo have a better grasp at how electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking, let’s start by describing what they are. Normally, an e-cig looks like a conventional cigarette only that it is not combustible. Instead, the e-cig has a cartridge which contains nicotine infused vapor. Whenever a smoker draws on it, a signal is sent to release more vapor from the cartridge by a microprocessor. If you are going to purchase e-cigs, it will dawn on you that the nicotine concentration in your vapor can be reduced; some of these called placebos have no nicotine at all and are ideal for people who want to quit the habit in just a short period of time.

Reduced levels of nicotine and cutting out of all other chemicals contained in ordinary cigarette smoke is the key reason why smokers are advised to make the switch. In a study to clarify the addiction healing claims made by manufacturing companies, three groups of smokers who wanted to quit smoking were given placebos, nicotine infused e-cigs and nicotine patches. A large percentage of those who were given placebos and nicotine infused e-cigs quit smoking completely in a period of eight to twelve weeks.

The efficacy of e-cigarettes in reducing someone’s urge to smoke is sometimes refuted but with evidence from several studies, it is evident that these products actually help people abstain. If you want to continue smoking but find out that you are consuming so many combustible cigarettes, you can reduce the number of times you smoke in a day and hence the money you spent on tobacco.

Apart from helping you quit smoking, e-cigs have a few other benefits. One is that unlike the combustible type, you can smoke an e-cig anywhere inclusive of non-smoking zones. Besides, e-cigs have no odor which has a positive impact on your social life; no one makes lose your confidence by disapproving of your car’s, furniture and clothes’ smell.

Depending on preference, you can buy an e-cig which has a flavor you like so that do not feel like you are compromising on what you had before. Examples of these are V2 cigs which come with menthol and several other flavors. Other two brands of cigarettes which have an established reputation with smokers are Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke. While on the road to quitting, e-cigs will also help you save some of your money. The average price of a pack is $ 30 which is reasonably low compared to what to what you would have to pay if you smoked 10 cigarettes daily. Note that each of these brands have customer care desks which will be willing to provide answers to queries regarding their products.